Hoa Tran and Myo Min first collaborated together in a political science class during their Sophomore year at Middlebury College, ranked 4th among liberal arts colleges in the US. After successive years of collaboration, partnership, and marriage, they founded Summit Education Services with the dream of helping learners reach the peak of their abilities and find professional and personal fulfillment.

Hoa Tran, CEO
Hoa is a native of Hanoi and an active member of the Vietnamese overseas study community. She began her English education early on as a student of the language at the famed Hanoi Amsterdam High School, where she won the First Prize in the National Contest for English. Her high performance earned her fully-funded admission to Middlebury College, where she concentrated in Chinese and Economics.
After working at a non-profit organization in the United States, she returned to Hanoi to work for the Institute for International Education, where she rapidly became known as an authority on the US university admission process and a dedicated counselor to aspiring students. Her continuing interest in entrepreneurship and startups prompted her to join Peacesoft Corporation as Director of eBay.vn in 2008, where she later rose to Vice President of the company within a year. Her success at the organization inspired her to start up her own company where she would be able pursue fulltime her love for helping learners succeed.
Hoa is an admission interviewer for Middlebury College in Vietnam. In addition, she serves as an advisor at the study abroad group USGuide. In her spare time, Hoa is an avid reader, a volunteer at Vong Tay Be Ban, and a frequent contributor to the education forum VietMBA.
Stats: TOEFL: 630/677 (taken in 2000); GMAT: 730 (97th percentile, verbal: 42)
Myo Min, Academic Director
Myo is a native English speaker who has spent his entire scholastic life learning under the American educational curriculum. At the same time, he has lived his life in various locales, including the US, Austria, Burma, India, and, of course, Vietnam. This combination of US educational savvy and cosmopolitan sensitivity makes Myo uniquely attuned to the needs and aspirations of language learners.
Myo is a researcher and writer at heart. A graduate of Middlebury College, with a High Honors degree in Sociology, he worked as a high-level market researcher and consultant for over five years before co-founding Summit. As Academic Director, Myo heads the development of innovative and engaging learning materials and applies his skills in analytics to tracking and measuring the performance of all learners at Summit.
When not designing quizzes or developing academic resources for Summit, Myo enjoys watching world cinema, debating with his wife, and working on his three writing projects.

Stats: SAT Verbal: 790, 99th percentile; GRE Verbal: 780, 99th percentile; Recipient of full scholarship offer from 5 prestigious US schools.