Our Approach

At Summit, we believe that the best way to master a language is through extensive self-expression. We have witnessed how strict book-based methods to teaching language often produce learners who can understand the language but are weak in their ability to speak and write their thoughts clearly and with confidence. To ensure that our learners reach their full expressive potential, we have designed all our classes to meet the following standards:
Small classes
It is easy to feel lost, uninspired, or ignored in large classes. That is why at Summit, we limit class sizes to 10 students so that we can properly identify and directly address each learner’s unique needs.
Coaching, not teaching
Learning a foreign language requires a tremendous amount of effort and discipline from the student, both inside and outside the classroom. Traditional teacher-centered approaches are thus less effective for the long term than learner-centered methods, which empower learners to take control of their own education. Summit aims to coach, guide, and inspire a love of the English language in our students, so that they may continue to proactively develop their skills, even after they’ve completed their final assignment.
Focus on lifelong skills
It is often the case, especially in “test-prep” courses, that the materials used for practice are of little relevance or interest to learners. At Summit, we prefer “learning with English” to simply “learning English,” meaning that we design our courses to help learners strengthen skills that would serve them throughout life, such as critical thinking, public speaking and debate, and creative expression.
Performance tracking and review

Summit monitors performance on tests and assignments throughout each course. Learners then review their progress periodically with their teacher and together set realistic goals and targets.