HB 4,3 tỷ đồng ĐH Brown Mỹ

Chiêu Dung (HV Summit Junior), TOEFL 116/120 HB 4,3 tỷ đồng ĐH Brown (#14 NU, Ivy League): Back in 2012, I was suggested to take an English course by my mom. I was in 7th grade, and my main goal then was to have find an environment for practicing and enhancing my basic skills in English.Therefore, my mom and me did some research online, and that’s how we found out about Summit. So my mom signed me up for a Summit Junior course; in autumn 2012, I started my first course at Summit, and kept taking different courses here until February 2014.

Before Summit, I attended English classes at several centers, and I must say that learning at Summit is something completely different. If the two centers mentioned previously focus mainly on speaking and listening, Summit has numerous activities for not only speaking and listening, but also reading and writing as well. At Summit, I learned to write stronger essays and analyze readings, thus improving my critical thinking skills and vocabulary. Also, there were many group activities which enriched my communication and teamwork skills as well.

To me, Summit has a very friendly environment for learners. The teachers are attentive and very helping, and I’ve also made a few good friends here. My favorite thing about Summit is how the variety of activities can make learners express themselves in the best way. The topics available for discussion in class can help each individual express their own opinions, and often, there is no right or wrong, therefore I also learned to accept and respect others’ opinions more.

After learning at Summit, I can say that my English has quite improved, and thanks to Summit, writing is now probably one of my favorite things to do. Currently, I’m not attending any courses yet due to other plans, but I’m sure I’ll be returning soon because I believe Summit can offer me great help in the future.