Nguyễn Duy Đức Minh – 8.0 IELTS

Hi, I am Nguyen Duy Ducc Minh. The school I currently attend is THCS & THPT Nguyen Tat Thanh. Having understood how obtaining an IELTS certificate would help me in the long run, I signed up for one of Summit’s advanced courses. From my point of view, it was course that was helpful and informative. More than just helping me broaden my understanding regarding English as a whole, it had also allowed me to score 8.0 overall. In regards to quality, this course’s materials and advices were very detailed and close to reality with the official IELTS test. The teachers were also of great help and throughout the lectures, I gained a lot of new knowledge. All of the questions raised were answered sufficiently. The 10 weeks course worked a miracle on me and I think anyone looking to enhance their band score should attend it.