Tuyển trainer cho IDEA Global Youth Forum 2013 – Deadline 31/10/2012


2013 IDEA Youth Forum, Korea
We are currently looking for International Trainers for our flagship event, the Global Youth Forum.
  • Application Deadline: October 31, 2012
  • Projected starting date: February 1, 2012
  • Job Title: IDEA Youth Forum Trainer
  • Reports To: Forum Director and Head of the respective educational track

General information
The 2013 IDEA Global Youth Forum will take place in South Korea in August 2013. The exact dates will be published in September. We expect to host up to 240 high-school students (aged 14-19), teachers and coaches from over 40 countries in Europe, Asia, Americas and Africa. The official language of instruction is English. The debate format for the Forum will be Karl Popper Debate and British Parliamentary Debate.
The trainers will be expected to actively participate in the process of preparation for the Forum as well as in all education and social activities during the Forum (for details of the essential duties and responsibilities, see below).
The Curriculum Committee will be selecting around 20 trainers in total to teach in all tracks of the Youth Forum. The Committee will employ multiple criteria for selecting the pool of trainers for the YF including debate and teaching excellence, concern for geographic and programmatic diversity, desire to develop the capacity of young trainers and motivation for participating as a trainer.
Trainers’ Profile – requirements:
To perform this job successfully, the YF trainer must be able to perform satisfactorily in each of the below mentioned categories
  • relevant experience in debate education (debate coach, debate trainer or debate teacher)
  • necessary skills and experience relevant to designing a debate curriculum, preparation of educational materials (lesson plans, debate exercises and hand-outs) and researching materials
  • adequate computer skills (comfortable with navigating through www, operating with newsgroups, search engines, chats, blogs, etc.)
  • reliable access to a computer with a good internet connection
  • self-disciplined and motivated individuals, who are willing to learn
  • fluent in English, and able to conduct content sessions in English for an international student and adult audience
  • ability to devote at least 1 hr a week for preparation for the Forum during the period of February – July 2013
Essential duties and responsibilities
  • help in the preparation process of the curriculum materials for the Forum under the supervision and by the deadlines set forth by the Forum Director and head trainers of the tracks;
  • engage in regular and substantial communication with other trainers and potential participants in the preparation period before the Forum;
  • research and prepare materials for the topics to be discussed during the Forum;
  • respect all deadlines and submit all required materials for the Forum on time;
  • participate in the training of trainers, 2 days prior to the Forum, on site;
  • conduct sessions for students and their coaches during the Forum. Trainers should not be engaged in any other meetings or sessions that conflict with their training sessions;
  • judge in the debate tournaments during the Forum;
  • follow the news on the Youth Forum website at http://youthforum.idebate.org;
  • comply with the code of conduct designed for the Forum.
Trainers may be disqualified from participation at the Forum or following Forums if they do not fulfil their duties and responsibilities.
Trainers’ Benefits
IDEA will give the selected Trainers the opportunity to develop their training skills, employing them in a face-to-face week-long debate instruction within a truly international environment. IDEA will cover the trainers’ costs associated with their stay at the Forum: accommodation, food, insurance and cultural events. IDEA will cover reasonable travel and visa costs directly connected to the Forum. IDEA will compensate for the trainers’ time involved in the preparation of the training materials with a $250 flat fee after the completion of the Youth Forum.
Selection Procedure
All prospective trainers are requested to submit their application form via email to snolan@idebate.org.uk. It can be downloaded from the Youth Forum website. Trainers that have already applied in previous years and would not like to add any new information are encouraged to use the short application form. If you have any questions please contact Steven, the Forum Director, at snolan@idebate.org.uk
The deadline for applications is October 31, 2012!
The Curriculum Committee will select around 20 trainers who will be given the opportunity to become an IDEA YF 2013 trainer. The trainers will be selected specifically for the given track at the time of selection. The Committee will also be selecting up to 5 trainers who will be placed on the waiting list. These trainers will be not called to duty unless a selected trainer drops out or additional trainers are needed due to an unexpected increase in the number of participants.
All candidates will be notified of their status by November 30, 2012. Please make sure to follow the Youth Forum Website to be informed about more details and updates on the Forum. To make sure you receive all the relevant information and also if you have additional questions, please contact the Forum Director.
If you are interested or would like to receive more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Steven Nolan
Forum Director
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